Our coast has an exceptional feature, we surf every day. With unique conditions and any type of wind, our bays offer various types of waves for all levels.

Surfing is a life-changing spirit, our beach breaks unfold over kilometers of golden beaches, among white dunes and wild beaches surrounded by red rocks, our guesthouse is located in the center of this paradise just 1 km away. This place has an incredible energy that you will feel since the first day.

Join our surf classes, all levels, all ages same goal: learn to surf and enjoy this wonderful experience. Lessons take 2 hours and we provide the right gear you need.

Do you want us to capture your moment? Photo and video sessions available to see your progress!

Lessons : Private – 80 € | Single – 40 € | Pack of 3 – 110 € | Pack of 5 – 175 € | Pack of 10 – 300 €


We all have different reasons to come to a yoga class, for some it is because they are looking for a new type of exercise, some wants to experience the meditative effect from it… Joy, our yoga teacher, provides 2 different types of classes for all levels:

​Surf Vinyasa flow which is a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa focused on building strength and flexibility with plenty of shoulders and hip openers as well as core strength.

​Unwinding Restorative flow which is a slower pace class aiming at unwind the tension accumulated from an intense day of work, surf or stress.

Our big garden is the perfect place to practice your flow, a calm place and where you will be lulled by the sounds of nature.

Yoga Classes:

Group Class 12 € | Private Class 35 €


Complete your body and mental awakening with an Ayurvedic Massage.

No better hands than the ones of Rita, She will provide a Therapeutic full body massage with deep movements made with hot vegetable and essential oils. It revitalizes and releases toxins from the body, providing deep physical, mental and energetic relaxation!”

Rita will examine your whole body and give you the best treatment to make you feel even better than you thought possible and correct any tension she finds.

Ayurvedic Massage (1hour) 50 €


Join us to have great emotions to being in contact with nature and water.

You will have an unforgettable experience at the beautiful Lagoa de Óbidos, paddling among the inlets of the lake and be lucky enough to see flamingos. This tour is available on set days. Max 2 people.

SUP Rental:

25 € (half day) | 40 € (1 day)


Do you want to achieve optimal psycho-physical balance, greater energy and resistance during your days and make the best use of your body to reconnect with yourself and the surrounding environment?

With Davide D’Addario’s program, FEEL YOUR BODY, you can be followed by him directly and obtain, thanks to his attention and his skills, greater physical efficiency, mental focus and awareness of one’s spirit.

Prepare your body to enjoy better your holiday and remove your physical and mental tension to return back home with more energy and new awareness.

Lessons : Private (max 2 people) – 40 € | Group (more than 2 people) – 15 €

Lessons take 75 min and include certified instructor and equipment.


Here in Baleal you can enjoy walks alongside the ocean and cliffs, with a breath-taking view your soul will be lost in a magic scenery. We will go around the stunning  Baleal Island and discovering the wild beaches of Gigi & Almagreira at low tide, and why not taste local food.


What activities do you have and text about each one.


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Surf Skate Class – 35 €

Surf skate rental:

​10 € (half day) | 15 € (1 day) | 35 € (3 days) | 70 € (7 days)


Surfboard (Softboards) Rental:

15 € (half day) | 20 € (1 day) | 55 € (3 days) | 110 € (7 days)

Wetsuit Rental:

10 € (half day) | 15 € (1 day) | 35 € (3 days) | 70€ (7 days)

Surfboard + Wetsuit Rental:

20 € (half day) | 30 € (1 day) | 80 € (3 days) | 160 € (7 days)

Surf Skate:

10 € (half day) | 15 € (1 day) | 35 € (3 days) | 70 € (7 days)

Surf Video | Photo Session:

1-2 people 40 € | 3-4 people 30 € /person | 5 or more 25 € /person


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