Guide to Berlenga Island

Berlenga Island is a Unesco Biosphere Reserve off the coast of Peniche reachable in 40 minutes by boat, is a unique ecosystem in the World with characteristic fauna and flora and incredible landscapes. The biological wealth, fauna and flora make the Berlengas a site of high conservation interest.
Just get out of the boat and start walking around the island to quickly realize the magic of this place that blends majestic cliffs and caves, wildlife and one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal with its crystal-clear waters
You can choose to take the trails in Berlenga, explore the beaches and Fort S. João Baptista. If you like diving, and even if you are not a professional, the clear water is a great reason to experience the sea. Diving is one of the most popular activities in Berlengas and is also one of the best ways to explore the immense biodiversity of the Berlengas archipelago. Take the opportunity to observe the shoals of fish, walk through all the caves and all the corners where the rocks tune perfectly to the crystal-clear waters of the sea. You can also choose to have lunch in the restaurant or even spend a few nights in Berlenga. Tickets are available at the offices at the harbor of Peniche, ask us to book your trip!