Guide to Nazaré & among the highest waves in the world

From the moment you will arrive to the moment that you will left Nazaré, every fibre of your thirsty soul will be filled with this infinite energy that would make your head spin.
Starting from the Sitio village you discover a place like no other. It was here that the very first inhabitants started building the fishing village as nothing offers more security than being perched high up on a steep cliff face.
To visit the old part of Nazaré, that’s bursting with character, you can get there by car, take the funicular or the stairs. If you decide to use the latter, keep in mind that it’s a really steep climb.
The Funicular itself dates back to a steam-powered version from the late 19th century, and since then it’s been modernised. The ride is a short but a very scenic one, and it runs from top to bottom and vice versa every 15 minutes and costs EUR 3 for a round trip.
Once at the top you’ll be greeted by truly spectacular views from various viewpoints over orange roofed buildings as well as many souvenir shops that are worth a look because many products are handmade by local people.
From O Sitio make your way to Farol Lighthouse, that’s situated right on the cliff edge and take in the views of Nazare beach on the left and Praia do Norte on the right. You’ll find that a lighthouse and the cliffs are a fascinating place, as they stand unbreakable against the howling winds, turbulent waters and huge swells.
Every winter from October to March Nazaré attracts big wave surfers from all around the world turning this little fishing village into a bustling surf town with the bravest waterman trying do the impossible-ride up to 100ft high waves.
During summertime when all the restaurants are up, and running get a table at one of the seafront restaurants, put your feet up and enjoy fresh seafood with a glass of local wine, after all, Nazaré is a fishing village.
Some of the women were wearing traditional skirts, made up of beautiful layers upon layers of cloth. The colourful skirts that are usually worn with knee-high socks, hand-stitched aprons and slippers are made of 7 petticoats. Enjoy the power of simplicity!