Guide to Óbidos Village

Óbidos is the finest example of a Portuguese burg and is one of the best tourist destinations in the Lisbon area, located only 30 minutes driving from us.
For travelers, Obidos is a fascinating town to explore: there are narrow cobbled streets, traditional painted houses, and an impressive medieval castle. It may be small, but it is the perfect example of a traditional Portuguese town.
Things to do in Óbidos? Entering the gateway of the village, ornately tiled with Azulejos, you can start by tasting the amazing Ginginha, a sweet brandy liqueur made with local cherries served in a delicious chocolate cup to eat at the end. The main road continues offering us local crafts and shops where to buy local products. Along the way a beautiful and picturesque bookshop, where you can leaf through a book, buy it or choose between organic products. The Manueline style castle crowns the town and now houses guests in its luxurious rooms. In past times, however, this was a formidable medieval fortification. It was won back from the Moors in 1148. You can walk around the walls or laze around the streets of the village where the higgledy piggledy houses and walkways, come alive in spring with a cascading array of brightly coloured flowers.
During the second half of July, every year Obidos hosts the Medieval Market, where visitors have the opportunity to travel through time. Being part of a medieval dinner is the main feature of the festival. grilled meat, music and dances of the time are the atmosphere of this festival where you can also dress up in medieval dresses.